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Feb 15
Snow Plow Truck Accidents

The ice storms and snow that came early in 2022 in Indiana from the Midwest Snow Storm may had caused many accidents and issues on the roads. If you were able to get out of your house and onto the roads, the likelihood of finding a business open was low, while the potential of getting into an accident was high. The next winter could be n...

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  • Dec 29
    What to Do in a Hit and Run

    Indiana law stipulates that any person who is involved in a motor vehicle accident must stop their vehicle at the scene of the crash or as close as possible without obstructing traffic. Generally, people must remain at the scene until they give their name, address, and registration number to any people involved in the accident and show their driver's license.  However, an accident resulting in injury to or death of another person means people must provide reasonable assistance to all people injured in the accident and immediately give noti...

  • Dec 22
    Wolfdog Hybrids | A Complete Guide

    A little more than a decade ago, the Daily Mail reported that five-year-old Kyle Holland was attacked while he slept by a German Shepherd-wolf hybrid and was partially eaten in the attack. The prosecutor charged the mother with manslaughter under the gross negligence theory because the woman was aware the dog was dangerous and could harm the boy, and the possible penalty for manslaughter is 15 years in prison. Wolfdogs and wolf hybrids are common conversations among dog owners because there is still considerable confusion about the differen...

  • Dec 15
    Cement Truck Accidents | Most Common Causes & Dangers

    Every day, millions of vehicles travel the roads of Indiana. Many of these vehicles are driven by commuters and people who are just going about their day. There are also many vehicles on the roads and highways that are operated by professionals who are transporting goods or services. These might include delivery trucks, garbage trucks, and cement trucks heading to work on construction sites.  When a vehicle accident occurs, the damage can be serious regardless of the speed and size of the vehicles. When an accident occurs with a cement tru...

  • Dec 8
    High Speeds Make Head-On Crashes Deadly

    We have all seen them - drivers, who are quickly approaching in our rearview mirrors at a speed that seems so fast that it is dangerous and leaves no time for any action on either driver's part. Even more dangerous is when the driver is in the lane next to yours, driving towards you and risking a potentially deadly head-on collision.  The speed limit is a legal designation that indicates the maximum speed a vehicle can travel, and it is established for a reason - to keep all drivers on the road safe from harming themselves or others. When ...

  • Nov 24
    Heavy Vehicle Stopping Distances

    In order for a tractor-trailer, or semi-truck, to avoid an accident, the driver has to begin braking much earlier than a passenger vehicle. In fact, a truck driver traveling at normal highway speeds can take almost 200 yards, or the equivalent of two football fields, to completely stop a fully-loaded “big rig.” This assumes that a trucker is driving in ideal conditions. Far too often, truck drivers have to operate during bad weather or road conditions in order to make it to their destinations on time. In such circumstances, truck accide...

  • Nov 17
    Can Soft Tissue Damage Be Permanent?

    Many people who are involved in vehicle accidents will suffer from soft tissue injuries. These injuries often include sprains or contusions. While some people only experience bruising, others, in more severe collisions, may suffer from a ligament or tendon tear - or worse. As a result, some soft tissue damage can end up being permanent. That’s because some of the injuries have the potential to cause irreversible harm. If you were involved in a car crash not too long ago and sustained some injuries, there is a good chance that you susta...

  • Nov 10
    Can You Claim Compensation for Work-Related PTSD

    PTSD affects approximately 3.5% of the population annually. Mental illness and PTSD related to work happen more often than people think. According to Mental Health America, 90% of workers say stress at work affects their mental health. Approximately 60% do not get the support they need to reduce work stress.  The well-being of every employee should always be a priority for employers. But it often isn’t. If you have suffered PTSD and mental trauma because of your job, learn about your legal options below. You could be entitled to compensa...

  • Nov 3
    The 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

    Dogs are often seen as man’s best friend, but not all breeds are created equal. Based on research, some dogs are considered more dangerous. While any dog can bite you and cause personal injuries, some dogs have more of a propensity to do so. The following dogs, therefore, have a reputation, statistically, for being more aggressive or violent.  Dogs may have aggression issues if they’re not obedience trained or they are not socialized at an early age. They may also tend to bite more if they have little interaction with their owner. D...

  • Oct 29
    Dog Parks in South Bend, IN

    If you have a four-legged best friend, you are no doubt in the market for dog parks, and South Bend has them in spades. When you are ready to let your pooch run loose, pick the park that works for you, but we encourage you to give them all a try – your dog might have a favorite.    1. Niles Ave. Dog Park The Niles Ave. Dog Park was the city’s first, and it’s part of a pilot program that neighborhoods in the northeast area and downtown dog enthusiasts brought to life. This impressive park boasts a welcoming environment for you ...

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