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Feb 15
Snow Plow Truck Accidents

The ice storms and snow that came early in 2022 in Indiana from the Midwest Snow Storm may had caused many accidents and issues on the roads. If you were able to get out of your house and onto the roads, the likelihood of finding a business open was low, while the potential of getting into an accident was high. The next winter could be n...

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  • Apr 30
    The Basics of the Indiana Tort Claims Act

    In the State of Indiana, the Indiana Tort Claims Act (ITCA, Indiana Code 34-13-3) guides tort claims brought against governmental entities at the local level, and there are considerable regulations involved. If you have a claim against a governmental entity or employee, working closely with an experienced Indiana tort claim attorney is in your best interest. Your Tort Claim A tort claim is just a legal way of saying that you have a personal injury claim against a local governmental entity – or one of their employees. Such claims might aris...

  • Apr 26
    Are U-Turns Legal in Indiana?

    A U-turn can be a real convenience when you miss your turn and don’t want to drive miles out of your way – and for a million other reasons. It is important, however, to know when U-turns are legal in Indiana – and to perform them safely when they are. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident because someone performed a U-turn, you should not wait to discuss your claim with an experienced Indiana car accident attorney.  Generally, U-Turns Are Legal Throughout the State of Indiana, U-turns are generally legal – as...

  • Apr 21
    Indiana’s Points System for Driver’s Licenses

    In order for someone to lawfully operate a motor vehicle in Indiana, they must have a valid driver’s license. Once you have a license, it creates a driving record, which can have an impact on job opportunities, insurance rates, and more. Violating the law can also lead to a car accident, and the violation can be proof of liability for the losses of victims.  Every time a driver is convicted of a moving violation in Indiana, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) will add a specific number of “points” to your driving record. Unlike sports...

  • Apr 12
    New Resident Requirements for Indiana Licensure

    When you move to a new state, there are many things you need to consider while you are adjusting. One requirement for new residents of Indiana is to obtain an Indiana driver’s license within 60 days of your move. When you do this, you give up your driver’s license from a previous state, and you begin to build your Indiana driving record.  If you were hit by a driver who did not have a valid Indiana driver’s license, you want to discuss this matter with a car accident attorney as soon as possible.  The following are the requiremen...

  • Mar 30
    Indiana’s Open Container Law

    Indiana's open container law generally makes it illegal to possess an open container of alcohol or to consume alcohol in a motor vehicle. These laws protect others on the road from drunk driving accidents, but these crashes still occur. At Blackburn Romey, we have lawyers who can answer any questions you may have about open container laws, car accidents, and more.  Consumption and Possession of Open Containers of Alcohol It is unlawful for a person in Indiana to be found in a motor vehicle with possession of an alcohol container that is ope...

  • Mar 28
    What Happened to Blackburn & Green?

    Blackburn & Green was a law firm that helped injured clients in Indiana for many years, though as of December 31, 2021, the partners decided to go separate ways and dissolve the firm. If you are seeking injury representation from a trusted name, you should now reach out to the newly established personal injury firm of Blackburn Romey.    What Happened to Blackburn & Green? The Blackburn & Green Partnership was dissolved as of 12/31/21.  As of 1/1/22, Tom Blackburn opened the Blackburn Romey law firm with former Blackbur...

  • Mar 23
    A Wrongful Act May Be Both a Crime and a Tort

    A crime occurs when a person violates the law for which he or she faces criminal consequences. An example would be someone driving under the influence of alcohol above the legal limit (DUI) regardless of whether they cause a car accident. A tort, on the other hand, is a “wrong” or “wrongful conduct” for which those wronged seek legal remedy in civil court. An example would be committing a homicide which gives ground for a wrongful death lawsuit.  If you believe you might have an injury case when someone committed a wrongful act, sp...

  • Mar 18
    What Is Reckless Driving under Indiana Law?

    Many car accidents happen due to driver error, as everyone makes mistakes on the road at some point. However, some crashes happen because of more concerning driver conduct - some people go beyond making mistakes and drive in a reckless manner.  In Indiana, reckless driving encompasses many types of driving behaviors that put a driver and others on the road in danger. While reckless drivers might face criminal penalties, they should also face civil liability for any injuries and losses they cause to others.  If a reckless driver caused ...

  • Mar 14
    Where Can’t You Park Legally in Indiana?

    Anyone who drives should be aware of most traffic laws, and drivers are often most concerned with possible moving violations. However, there are also non-moving violations that can lead to costly tickets and even liability for car accidents, and these include parking violations.  If you suffered injuries in a car accident due to an illegally parked vehicle, you might be able to obtain compensation for your losses. Discuss your options with a car accident lawyer right away.  Prohibited Parking in Indiana When you park in a standard space...

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