Indiana Bicycle accident lawyer

Indiana Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A recently released report reveals an increase in bicycling-related accidents and fatalities. It also advocates for additional much-needed legal protections for bicyclists on the road. It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a substantial rise in the number of bicyclists on the road across the country. 

Subsequently, an increase in motor vehicle-bicycle crashes has also been observed since the beginning of the pandemic. All Indiana drivers have a legal duty to yield the right of way to a bicyclist traveling on a public road or highway. Suppose the driver of a motor vehicle isn’t able to pass a cyclist safely. In that case, they are legally required to remain behind them until it is safe to pass. Unfortunately, the vagueness of many laws that give cyclists the right of way can result in drivers making risky decisions when they encounter cyclists on the road.

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a bicycle accident, please know that the Indiana bicycle accident attorneys at Blackburn Romey are here for you. We see the trauma bicycle accident victims face, and it’s our goal to get them full and fair compensation for their damages. 

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Even with helmets and other protective gear, cyclists are still highly vulnerable on the road. They are no match for the larger and heavier vehicles they share the road with. Whereas motorists and their passengers have the protection of airbags, vehicle frames, seat belts, roll bars, and other safety features, bicyclists are left to hope for the best. As such, they can sustain a wide variety of minor or severe injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): Cyclists can still sustain TBIs even with a high-quality helmet. Some will heal on their own with them. Others may be fatal or life-altering, requiring years of therapy and medical care. 
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCI): Victims of bicycle accidents can injure any part of their spinal cord, leaving them with temporary or permanent paralysis of their legs or arms and legs. They may be left with astronomical medical expenses for the rest of their lives. 
  • Broken bones: Some bones won’t hold up to the brutal forces placed on them by bicycle accidents. It’s common for cyclists to break their wrists, arms, legs, ankles, ribs, skulls, and pelvis. Many will be relatively minor and heal on their own, but others will require surgery and physical therapy to recover. 
  • Cuts, lacerations, and road rash: If a cyclist’s skin is exposed, they will most likely suffer injuries of this nature. Some can be severe and may require stitches or plastic surgery. In addition, there’s a risk of infection and permanent scarring. 

When you work with Indiana bicycle accident attorneys, they will ensure that you get the most compensation possible to pay you fairly for your injuries. 

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

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Many factors can play a role in causing a bike accident. For example, since bicycles aren’t as easy to see, motorists should always use caution when driving in the presence of a bicyclist or where one is likely to be near. Distracted or inattentive driving can cause disaster.

Additionally, many motorists are unfamiliar with Indiana bike road laws that state cyclists have the same roadway rights as motorists do. If motorists are unaware of this, they may cut in front of the cyclist, turn when they should be yielding to the bicyclist, or take other actions that could result in a collision. Being unfamiliar with the laws is no excuse; drivers must still abide by the laws of the road.

Motorists may hit someone on a bicycle due to:

  • Low visibility
  • Distracted driving
  • Dangerous roads
  • Construction
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring traffic signals

After a bicycle accident, it’s imperative to determine what occurred and who is responsible. Holding the right person liable for your damages and injuries is the key to maximizing your compensation. Accidents might appear simple, but often they are much more complicated than they seem. This is why many accident victims choose to hire our experienced Indiana bicycle accident lawyers to represent them in their claims.

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