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Now more than ever, Americans need truck drivers who are dedicated to safe driving. With looming COVID concerns, supply chain issues, and a shifting workforce, we should appreciate long-haul drivers who help get our goods where they need to go. However, many of them cut corners for various reasons. The corners they cut usually impact the safety and security of others they share the road with. Sometimes it’s not just the truck driver that is cutting corners but their employers or cargo loading companies. 

With big rigs weighing more than 26,000 pounds and sometimes up to 80,000 pounds, traumatic, debilitating, and life-threatening accidents are bound to happen – epecially when drivers or other parties are negligent. When someone or some entity is negligent, costing innocent victims their well-being, lives, or family members, Blackburn Romey isn’t afraid to fight for them.

Who is Liable for Your Truck Accident?

In 2017, Indiana alone had 16,910 commercial vehicle collisions. Of those, over 14,706 involved property damage, 2,074 resulted in injuries, and 130 caused deaths. While this was only a 0.1 percent increase over the previous year, it was an increase of over three percent in five years. Who is liable for these collisions? The answer isn’t always as easy or straightforward as you might think. 

The following parties could be entirely or partially liable for your truck accident:

  • The truck driver—perhaps they were driving while distracted, under the influence, without enough rest as mandated by federal regulations, or not following the rules of the road by speeding or some other action or inactions. Truck drivers have demanding jobs, but they must remain alert and sober behind the wheel to protect everyone’s safety.
  • The trucking company, since many don’t enforce federal regulations for hours of rest or vehicle inspection or maintenance, thereby putting innocent lives at risk. They may pressure drivers to speed or drive too fast for conditions to be sure their loads are on time and so they can make more money.
  • The truck or parts manufacturer—as there could be defects in the truck or any of its parts, such as its brakes or tires.
  • The maintenance provider can sometimes be liable due to failure to identify and fix braking problems, poor workmanship, or the use of substandard parts. In these cases, the company that provides maintenance for the truck is the party liable for the collision.
  • The goods distributor—in other cases, it’s the company that hired the trucking company to transport their goods that should be held accountable for the accident. Improperly balanced or secured loads can cause trailers to tip over when traveling in a curve, or flammable materials may be lacking the proper safety precautions.
  • Other drivers on the road—sometimes other drivers on the road can share or even have complete responsibility for an accident.
  • Local municipalities—truck accidents can also be caused by poor road maintenance or light or sign malfunctions. In these cases, it’s typically the entity responsible for the road who is held liable. 

When you hire our seasoned Indiana truck accident attorneys to represent your claim, you are hiring a team who will get to the bottom of how your accident occurred. Our priority is identifying who is liable and why. Your compensation depends on the success of this task, and we take it very seriously. 

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Near You

Suppose you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a large commercial truck crash. In that case, you need the experienced Indiana truck accident attorneys at Blackburn Romey. It’s likely that the trucking company or its insurance company will attempt to get you to accept a settlement offer that is much less than the fair value of your accident injury claim. After you sign their settlement agreement and accept their check, they can close the case and move on. They are left with extra money in their pocket, which should have been yours if your case had been settled fully and fairly.

Let our dedicated legal team at Blackburn Romey handle your truck accident case for you. We meticulously investigate truck collisions. These cases are frequently complex, so we often work with private investigators, mechanical experts, an industry expert qualified to download data from a commercial truck’s black box, and an accident reconstructionist. Even though most cases settle outside of court, we thoroughly and carefully prepare each truck crash case as if it is going to trial.

We offer free consultations to get your claim started. Call our office today to learn more about how we can help after a truck accident. 

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