Suffered a Level 3 Dog Bite in Indiana?

May 21

Many Indiana residents own dogs to enjoy their loyalty and companionship. Even so, dogs can be unpredictable and can bite others, which can result in physical scars, infections, trauma, and an inability to work.

Dog experts recognize six levels of dog bites, with high levels causing a substantial impact on the victim’s health. Indiana dog bite laws allow injured victims to obtain compensation from the at-fault dog owner.

A trusted South Bend, Indiana dog bite lawyer can help you understand your rights and how to obtain compensation.

How Common Are Dog Attacks?

In the United States, approximately 4.7 million people sustain dog bites each year, with 1 of 5 victims requiring medical attention for subsequent injuries or infections. Further, children are more prone to dog attacks and sustain more severe injuries from dog bites.

A substantial number of dog bites (61%) occur in a dog’s home or a familiar place, with 77% of the responsible dogs belonging to the victim’s family or friend. Younger children, particularly ages 5-9, account for the largest share of dog bites.

Suffered a Level 3 Dog Bite in Indiana?

Classifying Dog Bites in Six Levels

Dr Ian Dunbar developed a scale for assessing the severity of dog bites based on the objective evaluation of the wound pathology. As a result, dog bite wounds are classified into six levels, ranging from minor to severe.

Here are the dog bite levels based on severity:

  • Level 1: It is an aggressive attack with no skin contact with the victim of the attack, suffering no physical injury.
  • Level 2: The dog’s teeth contact a person’s skin; however, the dog does not bite down with enough force to break the skin. The bite often leaves minor abrasions, red marks, and bruises.
  • Level 3: The dog inflicts a single bite with a shallow puncture wound. A level 3 dog bite often leads to a personal injury claim, as the injured victim requires medical attention.
  • Level 4: A level 4 dog bite inflicts a single bite with deep wounds. Dog bites on hands or legs can apply enough force to break the bones.
  • Level 5: Results in multiple bites with deep wounds
  • Level 6: The dog often consumes a victim’s flesh, causing a fatal injury.

How a Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

Besides seeking medical attention, speaking to a dog bite attorney can help you obtain compensation. For instance, an attorney can gather information about the owner, the dog, and the circumstances that led to the attack.

More importantly, an attorney can help file an insurance claim with the at-fault’s party insurer or file a lawsuit if you can’t settle.

Get in Touch With an Experienced South Bend Dog Bite Lawyer to Discover Your Options

A dog bite may worsen your quality of life, from hefty medical bills to pain associated with the injury. You, therefore, deserve representation from an experienced attorney who’ll protect your right to compensation.

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