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Riding a motorcycle can be a great thrill. The wind in your hair and the open road ahead offers many possibilities. However, riding a motorcycle also exposes you to many risks. Unlike car drivers and passengers, motorcycle riders are exposed to the full impact of a collision. They are therefore more likely to sustain severe injuries even when the accidents occur at low speeds. The risks of injury are compounded by the fact that other road users often do not treat motorcycle riders with the same standards as they do other vehicles. This puts motorcycle riders at an even greater risk of being injured in an accident.



Indiana laws offer the same protections to motorcycle riders as they do to other motorists. Just as with other types of motor accidents, any party that is found to have caused a motorcycle accident may be held liable for the damages arising from the accident. However, in order to recover compensation, the injured party must provide evidence to support their claim.

A Lafayette motorcycle accident lawyer from Blackburn Romey can help you gather the evidence you need and prepare a strong claim to recover compensation for your damages. Our team has extensive experience representing motorcycle riders. We will fight to recover full compensation on your behalf. Contact our law firm now to schedule a free consultation.

What to Do After a Lafayette Motorcycle Accident

It is normal to be devastated and confused after an accident. However, your actions after the accident will influence your ability to recover compensation for your damages. The following are important steps to take to improve your chances of success.

  1. Call emergency services

The first and most important thing to do after an accident is to call emergency services. This is especially important if your or someone else has sustained serious injuries in the accident. Calling emergency services will also ensure that local law enforcement is dispatched to the scene of the accident and are therefore able to make a report. The police report will be crucial in determining who was at fault and supporting your claim.

  1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible

If you are able to get to a healthcare facility on your own, you should do so as soon as possible after the accident. This will ensure that you get the treatment you need as soon as possible. You should ensure that you explain to your doctor that you were injured in a motorcycle accident. Your medical report will be an important piece of evidence in the claims process.

  1. Document the accident

If you are able to, be sure to take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident, the damage to your motorcycle as well as damage to other property. You should also take photos or videos of your injuries. Take note of witness contact information and record videos of their statements.

  1. Consult with an experienced Lafayette motorcycle accident attorney

Consult with an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Your attorney will review your case and explain your rights and the legal options available to you. They will get started with working on your case right away. This will enable them to gather evidence while it is still fresh and available. They will also ensure that you do not miss out on any deadlines such as the statute of limitations.

Common Causes of Lafayette Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often the result of negligence on the part of the rider or other road users. Many drivers do not afford motorcycle riders the same standard of care that they would with other road users. This is largely because motorcycles are much smaller than passenger cars and other vehicles. It is also because many drivers are not aware that Indiana law offers motorcyclists the same protections as drivers of larger vehicles.

Some common causes of motorcycle accidents in Lafayette include:

  • Open car doors – when a passenger or car driver opens a door suddenly, a motorcyclist may not have time to avoid a collision with the car door. This is in fact one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – operating a car or a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol increases the risk of an accident. A high percentage of fatal motorcycle accidents are a result of DUIs.
  • Speeding- driving at high speed makes it harder to control a vehicle. This is true for both motorcycles and other vehicles. High speed collisions not only result in greater force on impact but can also reduce the effectiveness of safety devices such as airbags and seat belts.
  • Lane splitting – this is where motorcyclists ride in between lanes when traffic is moving slowly or has stopped.
  • Switching lanes – many drivers that engage in frequent lane changing may not be aware of motorcycle riders or may misjudge the distance. This will result in an accident.
  • Bad weather conditions – poor weather conditions such as rain and snow can increase the risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Tailgating – following a motorcyclist too closely can make it difficult for a driver to avoid an accident when the motorcycle stops suddenly.
  • Inexperienced riders – Inexperienced riders are more likely to be involved in an accident as they do not know how to take evasive action to avoid an accident.
  • Distracted driving – distractions such as using mobile devices can increase the risk of accidents. Drivers are not able to take evasive action when they encounter a sudden risk.
  • Left turns – The left turn statute in Indiana applies to all motorists. This includes motorcycles. If a driver fails to yield when entering an intersection, it can result in a deadly accident with an approaching motorcyclist.
  • Motorcycle defects – defects in the design or manufacture of parts or the entire motorcycle can contribute to the occurrence of an accident.

With the help of an experienced Lafayette motorcycle accident lawyer, you can determine the cause of your accident. Our team will investigate the circumstances of your accident and identify the liable party or parties. We will work to recover the financial resources you need during this difficult time.

Common Injuries Caused by Lafayette Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike other motor vehicle drivers and passengers, motorcycle riders are not protected by the frame of the vehicle. Their bodies are left completely exposed to the full force of the collision upon impact. They are therefore at greater risk of suffering serious injuries even in what seems like a minor accident. Some of the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents in Lafayette include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries including concussions
  • Head injuries including lacerations and skull fractures
  • Road rash including deep cuts and abrasions
  • Burns
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • And many more.

Motorcyclists are at higher risk of sustaining catastrophic or life-altering injuries. They are also at higher risk of dying as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. While financial compensation will not reverse the accident or its effects, it will provide you with the financial resources you need to help get your life back on track.

At Blackburn Romey, we’ve seen the devastating impact that motorcycle accidents can have on motorcycle riders as well as their loved ones. We are committed to fighting to hold those responsible for these accidents accountable for their actions. We will fight to recover fair compensation on your behalf.

Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accident Claims

While you may have a lot to deal with after your motorcycle accident, it is important that you get started on the claims process as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents in Indiana is only 2 years. This means that you only have two years from the date of the accident in which to file a motorcycle accident claim. If you fail to file your claim within this period, you may never be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Get in touch with Blackburn Romey now to schedule a consultation with an experienced Lafayette motorcycle accident lawyer from our law firm. We offer motorcycle accident victims a free initial consultation. Speak with an attorney from our law firm and have the details of your case reviewed by a experienced professional. We will explain your rights and options to you. We will help you determine the best way to approach your claim.

If you choose our team to represent you, we will get started working on your claim right away. We will investigate your case thoroughly and gather the necessary evidence to support your claim. We will fight aggressively to recover the compensation you deserve. We will fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation. Our attorneys are ready and willing to work with you to pursue financial compensation for your damages.


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