Snow Plow Truck Accidents

Feb 15

The ice storms and snow that came early in 2022 in Indiana from the Midwest Snow Storm may had caused many accidents and issues on the roads. If you were able to get out of your house and onto the roads, the likelihood of finding a business open was low, while the potential of getting into an accident was high. The next winter could be no different.

While snow plows provide an important service that can reduce accidents due to snowy roads, these large and heavy vehicles present new risks of crashes and injuries to motorists who are sharing the road. Anyone involved in a snow plow accident should reach out to a truck accident lawyer for help.

Truck Accidents Lead to High Levels of Injury and Fatality for Motor Vehicle Occupants

There are more trucks on the road nowadays than seemingly ever, and they are getting larger and heavier. Whether you are in an accident with a large snow plow or a commercial truck and they are at fault, you could be entitled to damages from the truck driver and their employer.

Large trucks and buses are involved in many accidents, with there having been 5,096 fatalities in accidents involving large trucks and buses in a recent year alone. There were 121,000 injuries associated with large truck and bus crashes during that same year. Being in an accident with a snow plow or truck can cause extensive damage to your vehicle and, often, severe injuries.

Snow Plow Truck Accidents

Drivers of commercial vehicles like snow plows and freight trucks have to earn and obtain an additional commercial license, given the difficulties associated with driving large trucks. These drivers are held to a higher level of responsibility and professionalism while on the road, and their employers are required to give them sufficient time off to rest so they are driving without exhaustion which can lead to driving mistakes. If you were in an accident with a snow plow or truck and thought that the other driver was at fault, you could be entitled to compensation for your damages, and your truck accident lawyer can help.

Reach Out to an INDIANA Truck Accident Attorney Now

Accidents between passenger vehicles and trucks of any kind often lead to great damage to the small motor vehicle and a higher potential of injury to the occupants. Trucks are larger and heavier and more likely to roll over motor vehicles, causing serious injury and road fatalities.

If you have been in an accident with a truck, you should seek damages to cover your losses – often, not only from the truck driver but also from their employer. Your experienced truck accident lawyer from Blackburn Romey, can advise you on options in your case, so schedule a consultation to get started today.

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