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Each year, more than 40,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. In the twenty-first century, car accidents are commonplace.

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you probably have a lot on your plate. You may feel overwhelmed with doctor visits, looming medical bills, and car repairs.

The claims process can be confusing, and you need reliable representation to earn you a just settlement. The Merrillville car accident lawyers at Blackburn Romey have the experience and dedication that you need during this time.

The Blackburn Romey Difference

When you choose to work with the car accident attorneys at Blackburn Romey, you are choosing to work with a team that will handle everything on your behalf.

At your free consultation, we will evaluate the worth of your case. Once we calculate a settlement figure, we will negotiate with the insurance company to win you the compensation you deserve.

We do not believe in quitting, even if negotiations are stalled, or the insurance company keeps offering “lowball” settlements. If an insurance adjuster refuses to offer you just compensation, we will take your case to trial. We will stop at nothing to fight for you.

As an accident victim, you have been through significant trauma. We do not want to put any further stress on you with finances. You will only pay us if you win your case.

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Merrillville Car Accident Statistics

With a booming population, car accidents have been a major concern in this Chicago suburb. According to the Indiana University Public Policy Institute study for a recent year, most vehicle accidents took place in July.

According to the study, Merrillville had 1,496 collisions in a single recent year. Of these collisions, speeding was a major contributor—accounting for over 140 accidents.

Proving Negligence

In most personal injury cases, a person’s negligence causes another harm. Negligence is the failure to take the necessary care to complete a task.

In demonstrating that a person was negligent, the claimant must prove that another person caused their injuries.

Negligence can be broken down into four components:

  • Duty of care: the other driver had a duty to keep other road users safe by following the rules of the road and adhering to traffic signals
  • Breach of duty: the other driver breached that duty by not driving responsibly
  • Causation: the other driver’s actions put a set of events into motion that caused the claimant’s injuries (factual cause), and his or her behavior had the foreseeable consequence of harming the claimant (proximate cause)
  • Damages: as a direct result of the other driver’s actions, the claimant has suffered injuries and other measurable losses (i.e., lost income, medical expenses)

In the majority of car accident cases, an attorney has the task of demonstrating that all four components of negligence are present. If one element cannot be proven, then you are unlikely to recover damages.


Speed limits are put into place and are enforced to save lives. In a recent year, 12,330 people were killed in speed-related crashes, contributing to 29% of all traffic fatalities.

People speed for various reasons:

  • Running late: a person may be too busy or leave late for an appointment; in order to arrive on time, a person will speed
  • Traffic: a person may act aggressively when getting stuck in traffic, or even speed after moving past road congestion, to make up for lost time
  • Anonymity: people feel that they are hidden from the outside world while driving or they won’t be easily caught, causing them to speed
  • Disregard for the law: some drivers have a blatant disregard for traffic regulations; these drivers do not fear the legal penalties for their behavior

Besides breaking the law, speeding carries the following consequences:

  • Loss of vehicle control;
  • Reduced effectiveness of seat belt restraints;
  • Longer stopping times;
  • Increased crash severity; and
  • Increased fuel consumption

A driver who is speeding risks losing control of his or her vehicle and putting other motorists at risk. A driver who is running late for work should reconsider racing to get there on time. In speeding, a driver violates the expected duty of care.

Alcohol Impairment

In a recent year, there were 13,384 motor vehicle fatalities caused by alcohol consumption. The number of drunk drivers only increases with each passing year.

Even a small amount of alcohol consumption can impede someone’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. In most states, a person with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% is considered legally impaired.

Indiana is no exception. In the Hoosier state, you are prohibited from driving if your BAC is 0.08 grams per deciliter of blood. This means that your alcohol level accounts for 0.08% of your total blood volume.

Someone who is legally impaired will experience the following:

  • Slower reaction times
  • Lack of coordination and balance
  • Inability to process information
  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Impaired perception

These symptoms can make a simple joy ride deadly. With the inability to process information, a motorist may miss traffic signs and other visual cues.

Indiana is an At-Fault State

In some states, if drivers sustain injuries or vehicle damage, they will file claims with their own insurance company. Twelve states follow this “no-fault” insurance coverage, including Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Indiana is an “at-fault” state regarding automobile insurance claims. In Indiana, a motor vehicle driver who causes an accident will be responsible for paying for any damages. The innocent driver will have to file any claims through the other driver’s insurance, known as a third-party claim.

A no-fault state’s insurance regulations only apply to personal injury claims. No matter where you live, the at-fault driver will need to cover the costs to repair your vehicle and any property damage.

Comparative Negligence

In car accident cases, more than one driver may share liability. In Indiana, if you are less than 51% responsible for the accident, you will still be able to receive compensation under the state’s modified comparative negligence law.

This law is often referred to as the “51% bar rule.” Any claimant that is 51% or more liable for a collision will be barred from receiving any damages.

Your damages will be reduced by the degree of fault that you are assigned. For example, if you made a personal injury claim for $30,000, but insurance determines that you were 25% at-fault for an accident, then your claim would be reduced by $7,500. You would only recover $22,500.

Never admit fault for an accident, even if you think you caused it. If you do admit fault, even verbally, this statement may be enough to ruin any chance for compensation.

Why Choose Us

We know you have many options when selecting a personal injury attorney, but many people rely on our firm to represent their rights.


Our team has combined decades of experience handling all types of injury cases, both with insurance companies and in civil court. We bring all that we know about injury law to the table in each and every case.


We have many satisfied clients who were able to move forward with their lives in a better financial position following a serious accident and injuries. We can discuss our past results with you during your free consultation.


We are dedicated to our clients and communities in Indiana. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate legal services to injured and grieving individuals. We work hard to obtain the money you need so you can focus on recovery instead of worrying about medical bills, insurance claims, or lawsuits.

When Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

It is not always necessary to hire a car accident attorney, especially if you are in a minor accident.

There are situations in which you should consider hiring a car accident attorney:

  • If you suffered serious injuries requiring you to receive medical care
  • If you believe that your injuries will create long-term disabilities
  • If your injuries have caused you to miss time from work or have reduced your earning potential
  • If the insurance company is offering you a settlement that does not cover your medical expenses and/or vehicle repairs
  • If you disagree with the findings from an insurance investigation of your crash

The car accident lawyers at Blackburn Romey have years of experience investigating car accidents and proving fault. We know what evidence is critical in proving your case, and we will subpoena records if necessary.

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A car crash can alter your world in a split second. Whether you suffer short-term injuries or have permanent disabilities, we are here to help. Our attorneys can handle insurance negotiations so that you can focus on healing. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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