Head-On Collisions Are Deadly At High Speeds

Oct 10

If you ask most drivers, they prefer not to be in car accidents at all. But if you were involved in a car accident, one of the worst ones that you can be in is a head-on collision. A head-on collision is a car accident in which one car crashes head-first into another, traveling in opposite directions. The faster one or both cars travel, the more deadly it will be for all involved. Discuss your injuries with a car accident attorney from Blackburn Romey today.


What makes head-on collisions so dangerous?

The force from a head-on collision is what makes it so dangerous. When you are hit in a car accident, there is a certain level of force that you will absorb. Because you usually travel in the same direction, the impact you will absorb will not be too severe.

But with a head-on collision, the level of force is greater. The impact that you will experience is similar to hitting a brick wall. That means that you will absorb twice the amount of impact.

If you were traveling at 50 miles per hour, for example, you would experience the same level of force that you would if you were traveling at 100 miles per hour.

High speeds

That is why speeding is the biggest risk regarding head-on collisions. The greater the speed, the greater the amount of impact. Traveling at 70 miles an hour means that you can absorb the same impact as someone traveling at 140 miles an hour. Head-on collisions usually happen suddenly. That is why catastrophic injuries are more likely to happen.

Traumatic brain injuries

One of the most common injuries from head-on collisions is traumatic brain injuries. You or your passengers can be ejected from the car or hit your head on the side of the car. This can cause you to suffer bruising on the brain, bleeding around the brain, or skull fractures. If something penetrates your skull, that can cause even more serious damage.

Spinal cord injuries

Another common injury is spinal cord injuries. When there is a serious blow to your spinal cord, it can cause damage to every single nerve in your body. Because your spinal cord is responsible for each one of your body functions, you can experience lifelong issues with your movements and sensations. You can be permanently paralyzed and may lose all ability to control your body parts.


Seeking justice

After being involved in a head-on collision, your medical bills could be extremely high. If you have a permanent injury, your medical bills could skyrocket even higher. You may have to pay for these medical expenses for the rest of your life. In addition to medical expenses, you may have to worry about how to financially support yourself if you can’t work anymore. That is why you need to file a claim for your head-on collision.


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