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Oct 22

You and your pooch love a good dog park, and if you are in or near Lafayette, Indiana, you’re in the right place – we’ve got some great options for you. Whether your four-legged best friend wants to run off that extra energy, socialize with other pups, or both, there’s sure to be a dog park near you that fits the bill. 

If you are at a dog park – or anywhere else – and suffer injuries from a dog bite, be sure to reach out to a Lafayette dog bite attorney who can help.


1. Shamrock Dog Park  

Shamrock Dog Park is run by the Dog Park Association of Greater Lafayette, and it takes your dog’s fun and enjoyment very seriously. Just a five-minute drive from downtown Lafayette, this dog park features three fenced-in areas for large dogs and one for smaller furry friends that all include water spigots for fresh drinking water and quick dog showers. Each area is double-gated and can be opened with key fobs that are activated for a week at a time – or for the whole year – and are available for purchase online and at local pet stores.


2. Happy Hollow Dog Park

Conveniently located in West Lafayette, Happy Hollow Dog Park in Happy Hollow Park promotes fun and bonding between you and your beloved pet. With a large, grassy area for off-leash, outdoor fun, it’s hard to go wrong at this new addition to Lafayette’s dog parks. Featuring lush grass, agility equipment, water spigots, and gratuitous fire hydrants, there is nothing not to love.


3. Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park is the newest addition to Indiana’s state parks, and it’s located in West Lafayette – where the Tippecanoe River meets Wabash. This park features 13 miles of beautiful hiking trails and welcomes campers and their well-behaved, leashed pooches.


4. Overture Flats Dog Park

Overture Flats has its own dog park, and it’s got all the bells and whistles, including:

  • A challenging agility course
  • Fun events like Drool in the Pool

Open from 6 AM to 10 PM every day, Overture Flats extends a warm welcome to you and your pooch.


Celery Bog Nature Area

You and your well-behaved, leashed doggo are welcome to explore everything that Celery Bog Nature Area has to offer, including:

  • A total of nearly 195 acres of beautifully wooded lands that include 7 acres of the Scifres-Maier Woods Nature Preserve
  • Four miles of hiking trails through the woods and along a marsh
  • More than 4 miles of paved Cattail Trail
  • A pleasant footpath featuring two viewing decks and interpretive signs


Brokerage Brewing Company

If you and your pup have exhausted yourselves exploring all that Lafayette has to offer, it’s good to know that Brokerage Brewing Company welcomes both of you to its beer garden at the rear and to its spacious front porch. You can plunk down with a brew for you and a bowl of water for your mate and can bring your own snacks or can partake of the food trucks that regularly pull into the parking lot. A perfect end to a perfect day of enjoying Lafayette’s dog park and dog-friendly circuit.


If You’ve Been Injured by a Dog Bite

While our dogs are our best friends, not every dog owner is as responsible as they should be, dogs can be unpredictable, and dangerous dog bites happen. If the owner of the dog that caused you to be injured knew – or should have known – that their dog was aggressive and it bit you unprovoked, you may be entitled to compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional losses, including:

  • Your medical bills
  • Your lost income
  • Your pain and suffering

The One Bite Law

Indiana is one of 16 states that employ what is known as the one bite law. This means that a dog’s first bite or show of dangerous aggression acts as the owner’s warning that greater caution is necessary. This is one reason that mandatory reporting of dog bites is so important in Indiana. If the owner should know that their dog was capable of biting or otherwise attacking in unprovoked situations, the victim can seek legal remedy.


Turn to an Experienced Indiana Dog Bite Attorney for the Help You Need

The trusted Indiana dog bite attorneys at Blackburn Romey are committed to fiercely advocating for your claim’s best possible resolution – in support of your legal rights and your fullest recovery. Learn more by reaching out and contacting us today. 

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