Does Insurance Cover Lawyer Fees?

Jan 15

Those who have ever been involved in an accident in South Bend know that recovering from an accident can be overly challenging. The process of piecing life back together is hard as you handle injuries and the eventual emotional and financial burden. Additionally, legal fees could add to the financial burden associated with legal claims if you don’t find the right attorney to handle your case. 

Most people wonder whether or not insurance covers legal fees. Normally, the attorney’s fees are paid out of the insurance settlement and not the claimant’s pocket. The practice at Blackburn Romey involves charging contingency fees to our clients. This means you will not pay anything until you obtain a settlement or judgment in your case. 

Read on to find out why insurance can be very useful for lawyer fees.


How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Cost?

The cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Indiana varies based on several factors. Personal injury attorneys typically employ the contingency fee arrangement, which means their fees are contingent on the outcome of the case. In Indiana, it’s common for personal injury lawyers to charge nothing up front and a percentage of the settlement they secure for the client as their fees.

The typical contingency fee in Indiana is about one-third of the total recovery. You need to discuss the specific fee arrangement with the attorney, especially during the initial free case evaluation. This ensures a clear understanding of the financial arrangement and helps avoid surprises as the case progresses. 

Additionally, you should be aware that some lawyers may hold you responsible for certain case-related expenses, even if the attorney does not secure a settlement. These include expert witness costs, court filing fees, and other costs associated with building your case. These costs can be significant and sometimes deter people from pursuing a case.

However, at Blackburn Romey, we cover case-related expenses upfront and are only reimbursed when you obtain a settlement or judgment in your case. Additionally, Blackburn Romey’s attorney fee will never exceed more than one-third of the total recovery.


Contact an Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Today

Do you still have questions regarding the legal fees? The best way to obtain clarity on legal fees is to consult directly with our attorneys. Attorneys are ethically obligated to provide transparent and clear information about their fees and the potential costs associated with the case. Our legal team will discuss the fee structure, any retainer requirements, and potential additional expenses. Contact us today and let an attorney evaluate your case and the possible lawyer fees. 


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