Definition of Aggressive Driving under Indiana Law

Jun 5

Were you aware that according to an AAA Safety Culture Index, approximately 80% of the motorists that were surveyed believe one of the biggest threats to road safety is aggressive drivers? 

Additionally, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aggressive driving behaviors significantly contribute to vehicle accidents, with thousands of crashes occurring annually because of aggressive driving. 

Moreover, aggressive driving auto accidents kill between two to four times as many people as drunk drivers. In our article, we’re going to define what aggressive driving is, and we’re going to discuss various other aggressive driving topics you need to know. 

If you have been recently involved in an aggressive driving accident, you should consider seeking legal assistance from an Indiana aggressive driving accident attorney at the Blackburn Romey law firm. We take aggressive driving accidents seriously and do our best to obtain the compensation you deserve for your various damages. 

What Exactly Is The Definition Of Aggressive Driving? 

When you think of aggressive driving, road rage incidents might be the first thing that you think of, but the term aggressive driving encompasses many more hazardous driving behaviors. It can be defined as any type of driving that is purposely enacted to endanger other people or property. 

Often aggressive driving isn’t as dramatic as an enraged driver forcing another driver off the road. This driving behavior can also be as simple as failing to yield or signal the correct way while driving. 

What Are The Most Common Aggressive Driving Behaviors?

Besides road rage, many other types of aggressive driving behaviors are commonly seen in Indiana. 

For example, speeding is classified as the aggressive driving behavior that is most often associated with fatal auto accidents. Data from the NHTSA substantiated this claim by revealing that speeding plays a significant role in about 26% of fatal motorcycle and car crashes. 

Below you will find that we have briefly discussed some of the other behaviors classified as aggressive driving in Indiana.

  • Drivers who race other vehicles. 
  • Drivers that change lanes erratically. 
  • Drivers who cut off other drivers. 
  • Drivers who drive through red lights.
  • Drivers who drive in locations that are prohibited.
  • Drivers who make improper turns. 
  • Drivers who speed during bad weather. 
  • Drivers who box other cars in. 
  • Drivers who fail to adhere to road rules. 

Additionally, the American Safety Council statistics have shown that as much as 37% of aggressive driving incidents have involved a firearm. 

Aggressive Drivers Are Known To Cause Serious Injuries

Unfortunately, aggressive drivers are known to put others at risk of serious injuries. Victims of aggressive driving accidents have suffered injuries including burns, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, lacerations, soft tissue injuries, and facial fractures. These accident injuries can range from minor to major and can affect victims for weeks, months, and years, if not permanently. 

What Are The Causes Of Aggressive Driving?

For most drivers, aggressive driving behaviors are often caused by everyday frustrations such as running late for work, getting caught in traffic, and the fear of missing an appointment. Yet, according to the NHTSA, drivers who have poor problem-solving skills, impulsivity issues, antisocial or competitive personality traits, and unrealistic risk estimations are significantly more likely to drive aggressively. 

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