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Aug 9

Many people in Indiana use a moped to get where they need to go. Mopeds are affordable, have excellent gas mileage, and are easy to park. However, you should be aware of the state’s moped laws when you are using one in your daily life. Learn more about Indiana’s moped laws in this article. If you are in an accident on or involving a moped because of someone’s negligence, talk to our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys at Blackburn Romey today. 


Moped Overview

A moped is a small, motorized cycle powered by a battery or small internal combustion engine. Licensing for mopeds in Indiana is less stringent than for motorcycles, but there are more requirements than for regular bicycles. 

Moped designs can vary. Some have a frame resembling a conventional bike, but others resemble a simple motorcycle. Most mopeds have two wheels, but Indiana law also considers some three-wheeled vehicles to be mopeds. 

The moped must have a motor that is 50cc or less and is deemed a Class B motor-driven cycle. A moped cannot go faster than 35 MPH.


Insurance Requirements For Mopeds In Indiana

Most of the time, if a vehicle has a motor under 50cc, you are not required to have insurance. You also do not need insurance for an e-scooter in most circumstances. However, motor scooters and motorcycles with an engine over 50cc must have insurance.


Where Can You Ride A Moped In Indiana? 

The areas in Indiana where you can ride a moped are different than motorcycles. For example, mopeds cannot be ridden on federal or state highways. However, you can ride your moped on a city street, driveway, parking lot, and most other paved surfaces in the state. You can be fined if you do not ride the moped on approved roads in the state. 


What is the Legal Age to Drive a Moped?

You have to be at least 15 years old to operate a moped in Indiana. Note that the law requires drivers and riders under 18 to have a helmet and glasses or goggles when on a moped. The Department of Transportation should approve the helmet. Protective eyewear must be goggles, glasses, or a face shield attached to your helmet. 

Moped Laws In Indiana


Do you Need to Have a License to Ride a Moped in Indiana?

You do not need to have a motorcycle license to ride a moped in Indiana. However, you must register the vehicle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. To drive a moped legally, you must have at least a state identification card that you can obtain at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 


Licenses Plates For Mopeds In Indiana

As of 2014, you are required to have license plates for mopeds. The moped plates are different colors than other Indiana plates and cost about $26.35 annually. 


Other Moped Rules In Indiana

Be sure to follow these Indiana moped rules: 

  • Mopeds that do not have a headlight or taillight cannot be ridden on public roads more than 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. 
  • Mopeds should have an operating muffler that prevents excessive noise and smoke. 
  • If you commit a traffic violation, a Class C or Class B infraction may result in a fine or jail time. 


What To Do After An Indiana Moped Accident

If you are on a moped and are in an accident, there is a good chance you’ll have injuries. The decisions you make in the first minutes and hours after the accident can affect whether you will recover damages in a claim or lawsuit. If you are hit on your moped, try to do the following: 


  • Take pictures: If you are not seriously injured, take photos of your moped, other vehicles, vehicle damage, and the overall accident scene. Also, take pictures of any cuts and scrapes you have, road signs, traffic lights, and any car parts and debris on the roadway. These pictures will help your personal injury attorney build a strong case. 
  • Talk to eyewitnesses: One of the most important parts of determining liability for a moped accident is eyewitness testimony. Both drivers will probably say they weren’t to blame, so it helps your cause to have a third party give their side of events. 
  • Get medical attention: Even if you believe you’re uninjured, you should be looked over by a medical professional. You could have injuries you’re unaware of until a few days after the accident. It will help your personal injury claim if the doctor connects your injuries to the accident from the start. 
  • Keep your gear on: Taking off your helmet and other riding gear after a moped accident is tempting. But if you have head, neck, or limb injuries, these actions could worsen them. So instead, limit movement as much as possible and call 911 to be checked out. 
  • Cooperate with law enforcement: The police will probably get your statement about what happened. Be honest about the accident, even if you think you were partially responsible. However, do not automatically admit fault until you have time to review what happened carefully. If the police ask you who was at fault, you may want to decline to answer. 
  • Go to your medical appointments: If you are injured after the moped accident and see a doctor, attending all of your scheduled medical appointments is essential. Unfortunately, the insurance company will use not going to your doctor appointments to argue you aren’t seriously hurt. 
  • Understand your rights: If another driver is wholly or partially responsible for your moped accident injuries, you’re entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. So even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you still might be able to recover some compensation, depending on your degree of responsibility. 

Retaining a moped attorney in Indianapolis after an accident is essential. There is a good chance you’ll be hurt. Moped drivers are exposed to the elements and other vehicles, and you could have serious injuries and not know it. Your attorney can review your case, medical bills, and other expenses. 

They also will investigate the accident and determine if someone else was negligent. This process is free of charge; the attorney is only paid if they win the case. So, you have nothing to lose by talking to an attorney


What You Should Not Do After A Moped Crash 

Your odds of receiving compensation for a moped accident due to someone’s negligence will increase if you don’t do the following after the incident: 

  • Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company: If you speak to the negligent driver’s insurance company, they will try to bait you into saying something that hurts your claim. For example, if you simply say you feel ‘ok’ after the accident, before you know it, their insurance company will argue you weren’t hurt in the crash! Refer any phone calls from their insurance company to your lawyer. 
  • Don’t wait too long to file a claim: You have only two years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, it’s usually best to file the claim sooner because evidence critical to your claim may disappear. Also, eyewitness memories of what happened might fade after a few months. 
  • Don’t agree to a quick settlement offer: It is always a bad idea to agree to a quick settlement after a moped accident. You don’t know how injured you are and how long the recovery will be. Also, the insurance company probably knows they are on the hook financially. It’s best for their bottom line to offer you a small settlement and resolve the case immediately. But you should talk to a personal injury attorney and let them handle the insurance negotiations. 
  • Don’t say you’re sorry after the accident: People are upset and stressed after auto accidents, so it’s understandable if you apologize even if the accident wasn’t your fault. However, you should never admit fault after any motor vehicle accident. In fact, say as little as possible to the other driver other than to check if they are injured. 
  • Don’t leave the accident scene too soon: You should only leave the accident scene once the police say it is ok to do so. If you leave the scene before the police arrive, you could be charged with hit and run. Also, you never know what the other driver will tell the police, so make sure you are there to give your side. 


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