Construction Zone Signage Can Cause Car Accidents

Sep 8

There is always plenty of road construction in Indiana. Road construction can be difficult and frustrating, especially when several lanes are closed. Many accidents may be due to other drivers, but sometimes construction zone signage is to blame. 

Find out below about how construction zone signage causes many car accidents

If you were injured in a construction zone accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact car accident attorneys at the law firm of Blackburn Romey for a complimentary consultation.


How Common Are Construction Zone Accidents? 

Highway construction zones are dangerous for drivers and workers. It is estimated that almost 85% of deaths in construction zone wrecks are drivers, not workers. Also, about 1,000 people die in construction zone accidents annually across the country. Thousands more are crippled with injuries. 

Common causes of construction zone car accidents are: 

  • Poor signage
  • Unlevel roads
  • Improper traffic control
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor overall design of the construction zone
  • Drivers not following construction zone rules


When The Construction Company Is Liable For The Accident

Construction companies must make the construction zone safe for all drivers. They should not create dangers with poor signage. The construction company can be liable for your damages if they use signage or road directions that cause an accident. Some of the ways that the construction company can be responsible are: 

  • Lack of hazard signs or putting warning signs in the wrong places
  • Putting construction zone signage that is inaccurate
  • Putting signs and barricades too close to traffic lanes
  • Placing detour signs that are hard to see 
  • Operating construction equipment that impedes traffic

If the construction company and poor signage are responsible for the accident, you most likely need a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit. Attempting to negotiate with the construction company’s insurer can be dangerous. The insurance company knows that most drivers lack the experience to negotiate effectively. Having a skilled attorney handle your case can ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve.


When The Driver Is Liable For The Construction Zone Accident

There are many accidents where the construction company and workers did their jobs safely, but a driver’s actions cause the accident: 

  • A vehicle hits a construction sign or piece of road equipment. This may cause a chain reaction when vehicles run into each other. 
  • A driver hits another driver from behind who slowed down or stopped correctly. 
  • A distracted driver does not see the construction signs. This distraction caused a car accident with someone else who followed the rules.


How To Avoid Construction Zone Car Accidents

Some construction zone accidents cannot be avoided. However, follow these safety tips to increase the chances you won’t get in one: 

Watch For Signs

When you are driving in an Indiana construction zone, you should always look for construction signs. These are usually orange and easy to spot. The sign will tell you there is construction ahead and to slow down. Most signs are posted at least one mile before the work zone, so you have time to slow your speed. 

Don’t Be Distracted 

It’s never wise to be distracted while driving, but even more hazardous in a work zone. For example, you could miss a critical road sign or lane change if you look at your phone while in a work zone. So put your phone away to avoid distractions. 

Be Patient 

Driving in work zones can be annoying, especially if you’re late for work. But you need to exercise patience so you do not get in an accident. 

Increase Your Following Distance 

You need to boost the distance between you and other vehicles when in a construction zone. Drivers are more likely to hit the brakes in a work zone. If you are too close, you can get in a severe accident. Also, watch for brake lights in front of you, so you know to slow down. 

Drive Slowly 

Even if you get to the end of the construction zone, you should not speed up too quickly. Staying at a slower speed will give you more time to react to any road hazards. Driving the speed limit also can avoid those expensive construction zone fines!


What Damages Can You Receive In A Construction Zone Accident? 

To receive compensation in a construction zone accident, you must prove that another party was negligent. Proving negligence in a construction zone can be challenging, so you should retain a skilled personal injury attorney to assist you. 

If your attorney proves another driver or entity was negligent, you could be entitled to some of the following damages: 

  • Damage to your care
  • Past, current, and future medical costs and associated expenses
  • Lost earnings and the loss of ability to earn income in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental anguish 
  • Loss of sexual intimacy with a partner
  • Loss of enjoyment of your life
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Other provable losses


Indiana Is A Modified Comparative Fault State

Indiana has a system of modified comparative fault for accidents. This means that your percentage of fault in an accident can reduce the number of damages you receive. 

For you to obtain compensation, you need to be no more than 50% at fault for the accident. If you are found to be more than 50% at fault, the law does not allow you to recover any portion of your damages. Many construction zone accident victims are partially at fault but can still claim compensation. 

For instance, if you are deemed 25% at fault for a construction zone accident, your damages would be reduced by 25%. So, if you had $10,000 in damages, you would only receive $7,500. 

When fault is shared for an Indiana construction zone accident, it is critical to be represented by an experienced car accident attorney. There will be plenty of disagreement about who has the blame. Having the best attorney in your corner is a game-changer.


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