Common Personal Injury Damages

Jan 23

After an injury from a car accident or another incident that was not your fault, you can seek a settlement from the liable party’s insurance company. The point of this settlement is to cover the damages you incurred due to the liable party’s negligence. 

From non-economic damages like scarring and pain and suffering to economic damages like medical expenses, your lawyer will consider every type of harm that you’ve suffered when seeking your settlement. 

Settlement amounts can vary widely depending on the type and severity of your injuries and losses. While no attorney can definitively state how much your case is worth, they can explain the different damages that are commonly at issue in a personal injury case. 

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Damages Your Attorney Will Consider

Our attorneys consider the unique damages that each client suffers. Our clients are people, and each person responds differently to harmful circumstances like car accidents and falls. One person might have significantly greater damages than another and we know there is no concrete settlement for damages. Instead, we examine each case individually based on your unique circumstances and losses.

When we review your damages, our team will consider numerous categories of damages, including the following: 


Present and Future Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are common damages in personal injury cases, and the severity of injuries will affect the financial cost of medical care (and other damages). 

Our team will identify medical expenses you already face, which may stem from the following and more:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Imaging services
  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Specialist visits

We may also consult experts to identify likely medical costs you’ll face in the future. If you need rehabilitation, future doctor visits, ongoing medication regimens, and other medical services or equipment, we’ll consider those as part of your possible settlement.


Present and Future Professional Damages

If you have already missed work because of injury, you may have lost:

  • Income
  • Potential bonuses
  • Potential promotions
  • Productivity
  • Earning power
  • Other professional damages

Our lawyers will consider the cost of these existing damages. Again, we will also work with experts to project the future cost of lost income, lost earning power, and other professional losses if you cannot work for some time in the future or even ever work again.


Property Expenses

If your case involves property damage, as is common in motor vehicle accident cases, we will consider property costs as part of your damages. Vehicle repairs, replacement of damaged clothing and jewelry, and damage to items inside your vehicle are all property expenses we will assess.

Common Personal Injury Damages

Blackburn Romey will also total the cost of property-adjacent expenses like the cost of a rental car or travel expenses to medical visits. 


Pain and Suffering

Not all damages are tied to monetary losses, as the law allows injury victims to seek recovery for intangible losses as well. Because these do not stem from medical bills, lost income, or other expenses, they are referred to as non-economic damages. 

There are many factors to consider when seeking pain and suffering damages. Pain and suffering can account for the following:

  • Emotional distress, such as PTSD
  • Psychological pain
  • Physical pain
  • Lost quality of life
  • Grief
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other types of pain and suffering

These damages do not have an obvious cost and insurers regularly undervalue pain and suffering as a way to minimize settlement offers. Our attorneys know your pain and suffering is a very real – and compensable – type of loss; we always consider pain and suffering when seeking damages. 


The Permanence of Injuries, Scarring, and Disfigurement

Lasting disabilities, impairments, scarring, and disfigurement can be part of a personal injury settlement. The condition itself may be costly, as will any procedures necessary to correct scarring or other disfigurements. Long-term disabilities might require medical equipment, home assistance, home and vehicle accommodations, and much more. All of this should be part of your damages. Disfigurement and disabilities can also cause additional pain and suffering due to the trauma and challenges of having a permanent condition that affects your daily life.

You want a lawyer who will take the time to consider all of your unique and personal damages. No two situations are the same, but insurance companies often treat claimants like a case file instead of a person. Our lawyers know you are an individual with real and concerning losses and we will never treat you like a number. 


Additional Responsibilities That a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Handle for You

Looking at damages is a pivotal step in every personal injury case, but it is hardly the only responsibility we’ll handle for you. Our team of attorneys has decades of relevant experience that prepare us to:


Build an Evidence-Based Case 

Our firm fights personal injury cases with facts and evidence. We might:

  • Visit the scene of any event that prompted you to seek compensation.
  • Interview witnesses
  • Collect and preserve usable evidence
  • Hire experts to reconstruct events relevant to your case

We aim to have the strongest case possible when we begin the claim process.


Collaborate with Experts

Blackburn Romey hires experts who can help our clients’ cases. These experts may provide compelling testimony, reconstruct an accident, help us consider damages, or assist us in other ways.


Complete All Administrative Duties

Our attorneys will handle paperwork, communications, and all other administrative aspects of your case.


Lead Settlement Negotiations

Having collected evidence of your economic and non-economic damages, we’ll fight for the full amount you’re owed, which varies widely from case to case. We’ll advise you to fight for a fair settlement for your losses. If that settlement never comes, Blackburn Romey can take your case to court.

Common Personal Injury Damages

Your focus should remain on your recovery and we’ll handle every step of your insurance claim or lawsuit. Let our experienced team fight for you while you fight to get healthy.


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