Can I Cancel My Car Accident Claim?

Apr 3

You can often cancel a car accident claim you filed; however, always discuss whether doing so is wise with a car accident lawyer.

For example, you’ve received an estimate for property damage, and it is close to the value of your deductible. In that case, proceeding with the claim might not make sense when the difference between the repair cost and the deductible is negligible.

However, if another driver has filed a claim against your insurance, you can’t cancel the claim.

Consider speaking to a trusted Indiana car accident attorney for legal advice on how canceling a claim might affect your financial recovery after an accident and whether you should continue pursuing a claim.

Legal Considerations Before Canceling Your Claim

Insurance policies require policyholders to disclose any accident to the insurer. You don’t have to make a claim, but you must inform an insurer about the incident. Informing an insurer is particularly important if the accident involves another party. If you don’t tell your insurer about an accident, you could end up losing coverage for the accident.

If someone else files a claim against you, the claim must stay open until the other party fully resolves the matter.

Alternatives to Canceling Your Car Accident Claim

You stand to lose money if you cancel a car accident claim you have filed and you have any injuries. For instance, a minor concussion could develop into a complicated condition like post-concussion syndrome. Any unexpected complications could lead to increased medical expenses or lost productivity.

Instead of canceling an insurance claim, your car accident lawyer can negotiate for a settlement that covers your losses.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’re contemplating canceling an insurance claim, a car accident attorney can help make an informed decision. Many people are overwhelmed by the stress of an insurance claim, but a lawyer can take over and relieve that stress.

A car accident attorney has the experience to handle all insurance communications and present a strong case. An attorney can compile evidence demonstrating the extent of your injury and demand a fair settlement value that covers your injury-related losses.

Get in Touch With an Experienced Indiana Car Accident Attorney to Discover Your Options

You may deserve compensation for injury-related losses if you’ve sustained an injury in a car accident. Never cancel an injury claim simply because it is overwhelming. Instead, put your claim in the hands of a trusted car accident lawyer.

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